Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Science Experiments using Milk.
Our class did some experiments to look at how we could change the properties of milk from liquid to solid.

Look at the Butter we made from cream. We had to shake it in a jar. It was really yum on crackers.
"Shake butter, shake butter, shake, Shake, Shake!"

Look at the icecream we made by freezing milk in a bag of ice mixed with salt. It made our hands cold.

We ate the ice cream with fruit salad that was cut up from our fresh fruit in school.

We also made yoghurt using the yoghurt maker. It was thick and creamy. The teacher added the boiling water to make the milk go thick. We had to wait a day for the milk to turn into yoghurt.

Spirit Day - Army Visit

The whole school had an amazing fun afternoon with the army. We dressed in an army jacket then ran under a camouflage net. We were in our house teams. We then had a  "Tug of War" using a ginormous rope. We had to pull really hard and work as a team. Most of us wore army style clothing. Our class put on face paint the same as our house colours.

Here we are with our face paint ready to go out to do the army activities.

We are getting help to put on the army jacket.

This is the net we had to crawl under. It was challenging.

The army officer is explaining what to do before we pull the rope.




Monday, 9 September 2013

Duffy Theatre visit to our School

Here is Duffy in bed. This was an interesting way of making a bed on stage so we can see Duffy easily.

Our class really liked Scruffy because he was so funny.

We laughed a lot at the actors on stage. We can see Afi, Duffy and the Wizard.

Some of the children got up and danced.

Duffy loves to read. He is enjoying reading his book now he has remembered the words.

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Harold the Life Education Giraffe Came to Our Assembly
Here are some photos of Harold visiting our Assembly. he was very funny. We did lots of laughing.

We found out that Harold likes to dance.

Here is Harold dancing with Chris the Teacher

After Assembly we went outside with our Buddy Class Room 7 and there was a big earthquake. We had to go and have a roll-call to check everyone was safe. The ground shook and rolled.

Monday, 19 August 2013

We went to the Life Education Classroom to learn about eating Healthy Food.

Chris talked to us about the food pyramid. We put together a puzzle.

We saw Harold the Giraffe Puppet.

We made a picnic and talked about what we would like to eat at the picnic.

We are saying goodbye to Chris and had a photo with Harold.

Monday, 24 June 2013

Harvey and James have been playing our new Tap-it game. This is their picture.

Sophie and Lachlan have also made a picture with our new game.
We have a new computer game to help us enjoy Rhymes. We can do lots of activities with this game.