Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Science Experiments using Milk.
Our class did some experiments to look at how we could change the properties of milk from liquid to solid.

Look at the Butter we made from cream. We had to shake it in a jar. It was really yum on crackers.
"Shake butter, shake butter, shake, Shake, Shake!"

Look at the icecream we made by freezing milk in a bag of ice mixed with salt. It made our hands cold.

We ate the ice cream with fruit salad that was cut up from our fresh fruit in school.

We also made yoghurt using the yoghurt maker. It was thick and creamy. The teacher added the boiling water to make the milk go thick. We had to wait a day for the milk to turn into yoghurt.

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  1. Cool milk experiments Room 12. Did you have fun? What did you learn?